Hip Thrust Bench ROKK Heavy RPL-217

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Hip Thrust training bench

Hip Thrust training bench for the buttock muscles

The Hip Thrust ROKK Heavy RPL-217 bench is ideal for heavy and intense workouts in fitness clubs. The construction of the bench allows for effective training of the popular Hip Thrust exercise, activating the buttocks muscles. The quality of the materials guarantee many years of use and give the bench its original appearance. The modern design gives the bench character and will make it stand out in any club.

Stable construction

Stable construction

When others are looking to save on materials, we choose those that can bear any weight and provide maximum safety for the bench users, which make it top equipment. The structure of the ROKK Heavy RPL-217 training bench is made of certified 80x40x2, 50x50x3 steel profiles.

We used a huge amount of steel so the bench maximum durability is 300kg, which has been verified in load tests. The high load capacity did not affect the stability of the equipment in any way.

The stability of the exercise bench is ensured by longitudinal feet equipped with rubber pads. Heavy construction guarantees full comfort and stability of the equipment
   Hip Thrust Bench - strong construction

Antibacterial upholstery on the exercise bench

Antibacterial upholstery on the exercise bench

Our bench has been finished with certified, very durable upholstery made of synthetic leather. This solution will allow you to train in hygienic and comfortable conditions.

The upholstery we have designed combines several features:

  • it is matte, with very good adhesion
  • does not absorb sweat and moisture
  • does not give off unpleasant odors
  • it is easy to clean and maintain
  • is resistant to abrasion and scratches
  • it is antifungal and antibacterial
  • UV resistant, can be used outdoors
  • embroidered edges create a flat and uniform surface
  • well-groomed, retains its original appearance for a long time


We made sure that you can exercise comfortably on our benches. After years of our own experience in the gym and collecting the opinions of more advanced users of strength training equipment, we have introduced a number of amenities in our constructions:

  • our backrests and seats are made of thick layered plywood, which is a natural material, made of environmentally friendly renewable raw materials. Plywood has an increased strength in relation to its weight than other wood-based panels.
  • adding the black, solid plate strengthens the structure and provides professional bench look
  • 4cm thick polyurethane foam is the optimal choice for professional gym equipment. The bench does not crush the back and at the same time allows you to spread the body well to the surface of the bench. The appropriate hardness of the foam facilitates laying down in the optimal position also when using heavy loads
  • matte synthetic leather guarantees good grip during exercise
Practical facilities of an exercise bench

Practical facilities of an exercise bench

Knowing the disadvantages of exercise equipment in many gyms from our own experience, we have introduced several practical facilities in our benches that will be appreciated by every owner:

Protective rubber feet

The exercise bench has rubber feet that will protect the floor from scratching, while ensuring the stability of the structure.

Anti-slip platform

A wide, non-slip platform ensures the comfort and proper position of the exerciser. The leg platform ensures stability and comfort during training.

Bar holders

Putting on and taking off the load will be much easier with designed barbell holders. The handles also have a safety function when suddenly need to put the bar down. Mounted limiters will keep the barbell in a safe place. The arms are covered with a rubber cover that protects the bar against scratching.

Transport wheels and carrying handle

The transport wheels can easily transport the equipment, and the conveniently mounted handle will certainly facilitate this task. The wheels are covered by a rubber tread, which increases the comfort of moving the bench and prevents scratching the ground.

Resistance band pins

For enthusiasts of training using resistance bands, we have designed handles, which you can easly install and safely perform the exercise. Exercise gum allows you to create additional resistance, and thus, increase muscle tension and motivate them to work harder.

Design and manufacture of a training bench

Design and manufacture of a training bench

Appearance matters, but shouldn't be a priority. We have decided that our brand's exercise equipment will not deviate from the regular standards, and therefore it will be easier for us to introduce corrections and amenities.

The universal design will make our exercise benches fit in any gym, commercial or home. Stainless elements and adjustment details make the bench uncompromisingly in the category of premium benches.

The ROKK Heavy RPL-217 exercise bench owes its elegant black, powder coated colour, which causes that even look on uneven surfaces of welds and corners.

The upholstery has been trimmed with a thick thread, which eliminates folds and bends that could cause discomfort during exercise.

The black metal plate under the backrest additionally strengthens the structure and has a masking function.

ROKK Heavy RPL-217 bench is eye-catching and evokes associations with safety and professionalism.

Purpose of the ROKK Heavy RPL-217 exercise bench

Purpose of the ROKK Heavy RPL-217 exercise bench

The bench is designed for commercial use and professionals. Equipment intended mainly for:

  • gyms and fitness clubs
  • strength sports players
  • advanced users building their own home gym
Why is it worth buying ROKK exercise equipment?

Why is it worth buying ROKK exercise equipment?

ROKK is the result of a passion for strength sports and hard work.

We have decided that our products will be aimed primarily at demanding users who have specific expectations towards the equipment. We have created a well-equipped manufactory in which we design, produce and improve our training equipment. It is not mass produced, which means that we pay special attention to each device. We make it as if the equipment was for ourselves. We use only certified materials from Polish suppliers for production.

The Heavy series is the most powerful equipment in its class. Robust and durable devices for commercial and professional use, where there is no room for compromise and savings.

By purchasing our products, you can be sure that we will make every effort to ensure that the product meets your expectations.


Technical data

Maximum durability: 300kg
Weight: 37kg
Length: 138,5cm
Width: 103,5cm
Upholstery material: synthetic leather
Coating: powder

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