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Weight benches to commercial and home use

Training Benches

Exercise Adjustable Bench ROKK Heavy RPL-124 Exercise Adjustable Bench ROKK Heavy RPL-124
Vendor: ROKK
Price: €663.41 (net: €539.36 )
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Flat Bench ROKK Heavy RPL-310 Flat Bench ROKK Heavy RPL-310
Vendor: ROKK
Price: €241.46 (net: €196.31 )
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Training Bench ROKK Heavy RPL-103 Training Bench ROKK Heavy RPL-103
Vendor: ROKK
Price: €704.88 (net: €573.07 )
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Seated Scott Bench ROKK Heavy RPM-115 Seated Scott Bench ROKK Heavy RPM-115
Vendor: ROKK
Price: €621.95 (net: €505.65 )
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Training bench - a pillar of every gym

It is difficult to imagine a home or commercial gym without a training bench. You may be tempted to say that this is the most necessary equipment in any club. The free weights zone where the benches are located, is an intensely crowded and exploited place, so it is very important that the quantity and quality of the available training benches allow everyone to exercise safely.

The condition of the training benches is importance for the perception of the gym by its customers. Old and worn-out exercise equipment will certainly not help you to build your club's brand, so if you see a need to replace exercise equipment, your customers also will.


Exercise benches match to your needs

We produce heavyr exercise equipment that is adapted to work in the toughest conditions, but by examining the needs of our customers, we have come to the conclusion that not everyone needs exercise benches with the highest strength.

We have created 2 product lines: Smart - for home use and Heavy - for commercial use.

Commercial gym benches

The Heavy series is adapted to the hard conditions that occur in the most crowded places. The best raw materials used for production, thoughtful structures and attention to detail make our training benches trust the customers of the gym and help build its professional image.

Home gym benches

The Smart series is the premium class of benches intended for private use. These are products that surprise the quality of even the most demanding customers. When exercising at home, we must ensure the versatility of the equipment, which is why our benches from the Smart series offer many possibilities to change the configuration and at the same time ensure that even in the case of rapid progress, there will be no need to replace the equipment with a new one.

Benches for company gyms

Increasingly, well-managed companies are building training rooms for their employees to take care of their physical health and well-being. For company gyms, you can use training benches from both the Heavy and Smart series, but the selection of training benches for the company should depend on the expected intensity of use, the needs of the employees themselves and the attached warranty. You don't know which exercise equipment to choose for your company? Let us know, we will choose the optimal set.


Not only bench press

The bench press is not the only exercise that you can perform on our training benches. Most models have pins for resistance bands that significantly extend their functionality. More advanced users will find a wide range of exercises that can be performed, also those that do not require a load.

In addition to classic benches for stands and power racks, we offer specialized equipment, such as Scott Bench, which helps to optimally sculpt biceps, or the Hip Thrust bench which best activates the buttock muscles. All these benches have been designed to be safe and comfortable for their users.


Flat and adjustable training benches

Flat bench is a specialized equipment very often chosen by people who want to improve their bench press results. It does not have a tilt adjustment which eliminates a gap between seat and backrest, which will be appreciated by those who practice pressing heavy loads.

Our flat benches are wide, stable and very durable. This equipment does not really limit us only to bench press. It can be used as a seat on which we will perform many exercises in a sitting position.

Another advantage of flat training benches is their price. The less complicated structure in relation to adjustable benches makes their price more attractive.

Adjustable bench is a combination of freedom and versatility. Thanks to the backrest and seat adjustment, we can train almost all parts of the body. Adjusting the angle of the backrest and seat increases the training possibilities and allows you to limit yourself to one bench, which allows you to save a lot of space at home.

An adjustable training bench is an investment that will bring results very quickly. With the rapid achievement of strength progress, we will have to look for new training targets and new sets of exercisesand the adjustable bench will certainly make it possible.


Practical and functional exercise benches

We have provided many useful features in our benches that make our equipment practical in any gym, home and commercial, whether you exercise on a scratch-prone surface or on rubber mats.

All our benches are secured with rubber covers which not only protect the equipment and the ground but also reduce the possibility of the moving.

Our heavy exercise equipment is easy to move and equipped with transport wheels and an ergonomic handle.

We offer bench models with pins for resistance bands which are often used for warming up and free weight exercises.

We have used very simple mechanisms to adjust in our adjustable benches. The backrest angles are easy to use. Thanks to them, you do not have to worry that something will get lost.


What distinguishes our training benches from the others?

  • We do not conduct mass production so we approach each order with the greatest attention, taking care of every detail. By choosing the ROKK brand, you can be sure that we have done everything to ensure that the product sent to you is a confirmation of diligence and the highest quality materials.

  • The finish is very important to us but ergonomics is that makes training comfortable. The dimensions of our training benches facilitate proper position and the wide upholstery developed by us ensures balance and comfortable support.

  • Our benches are assembled before packing and shipped to customers almost ready for use.

  • Our product is Polish from the idea, through the design and execution. We make sure that all components and raw materials used in our training benches are from Polish suppliers.

  • We are constantly improving our equipment. If you have ideas for modifications that will allow you to adapt it to your individual needs, tell us about them and we will check if they are possible to implement. If so, we will introduce them to your products.
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